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10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Fabulous Eilat!

10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Fabulous Eilat!

Summer is here and may I say YaY!

Every year I spend the summer months of July-August home in Israel; It's a much-needed quality family time, I spend it doing things I love and miss doing when I'm away, hanging out in my favorite (some even childhood) places, and of course, many days are spent happily on the beach.

There's one destination I visit year in year out no matter what...

Eilat, Israel

Eilat, Israel

Eilat- A beautiful oasis at the bottom of the Negev desert.


The resort town of Eilat, the most southern point of Israel, is our own version of paradise surrounded by the stunning Edom mountains on the Red Sea. Jordan to one side and Egypt to the other.

This Southern resort town has it all- Sunny weather, relaxation on the beach, luxury hotels, nature, views, watersports, it’s a diving mecca, and delicious food & nightlife await you. What more can we ask for, right?

Eilat has a stunning stretch of beaches with super calm waters, the Red Sea is known for its spectacular underwater world, reefs, corals, and marine life- all in all, it's a diver's heaven! Snorkeling is also great fun!

The best time to go:

Eilat has a desert climate meaning hot dry summers and warm almost rainless winters.

Personally, I love the heat, especially where it's dry as it is here however, not everyone enjoys temperatures as high as 40- 43 degrees Celsius like me so this is what you need to know about the weather:

During the winter months December to February you are likely to experience good weather with average temperatures of 20-23 degrees. April to October (with July- August) are the hottest months with temperatures reaching 43 degrees.

TIP: It's always wise to check the weather forecast in advance to booking if you plan a winter getaway, just to be sure as climate changes can have an effect.

Getting around:

Taking the bus. The cheaper way to go though not as comfortable.

Renting a car: This is how I do it. The drive from the center of Israel takes between 4 to 5 hours. I like the drive because I can then truly enjoy the breathtaking landscape around me as well as the desert roads leading to Eilat. It's great to stop for lookouts along the way, and the one outside the town of Mizpe Ramon is a must!

Flying: The new Ramon airport is located about 20 km north of the city and handles both domestic and international flights to Eilat. There are direct flights to Eilat from several cities around Europe such as London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Prague as well as others. You can also take a domestic flight from Tel Aviv which takes about 50 minutes.

Top hotels to stay at: Eilat has a wonderful selection of hotels to choose from, these are my top 5:

  1. Set right on the Almog Beach, the Orchid Hotel & Resort is a Thai-style holiday village on the Red Sea. It offers gourmet cuisine and a spa. For the details click:

  2. The Royal Beach Hotel by Isrotel Exclusive Collection has its own private beach overlooking the Red Sea. It features 3 outdoor pools, a sun terrace and a wellness centre. For the details click:

  3. Luxurious and impressive, the Queen of Sheba offers a superb location overlooking the Red Sea. You can enjoy the hotel's own shopping mall and swimming pool overlooking the sea. For the details click:

  4. Dan Eilat enjoys a panoramic beach-front position with luxurious rooms with a balcony overlooking the sea. For the details click:

  5. Herods: Offering spacious, modern rooms with sea or mountain views, Herods Palace is a seafront hotel located on Eilat’s North Beach. It features an Arabesque pool area and a large spa. For the details click:

There are many activities & ways you can explore Eilat and the area depending on the season in which you're traveling. During the cooler months, you can do more outdoor activities such as hiking wonderful trails in the area of Eilat while during the hot summer months, it's all about and around water activities.

The best 10 things to do:

  • Enjoy the beach! my favorite is Mosh beach: Multiple restaurants, beach service, music, and awesome vibes! Facing the Jordan mountains guarantees views to match the fun.

  • There are many water sports along the beaches you can do. Couch surfing is great fun! Kitesurfing, windsurfing, renting jet skis, parasailing, banana rides...It's all right there waiting for you!

North beach Eilat

North beach Eilat

  • Take a day trip to Petra in Jordan : An ancient city carved into the mountain, absolutely amazing!

  • Zip-lining, rappelling, camping, biking & hiking in Timna Park in the desert just north of Eilat. The site has a range of attractions, including ancient rock formations like Solomon’s Pillars and rock drawings. It is also home to the world's first copper mine so you'll find fun activities relating to that.

  • Check out the cruises going out for the day: There are different options to choose from such as lunch & swim, dinner & dancing, and access to a floating water park offshore.

  • Visit the Dolphin Reef where you can watch and even swim with bottle-nosed dolphins! It's an awesome experience having an encounter with these gorgeous creatures.

  • Eilat is world famous for snorkeling and diving: There are many dive schools and centers available that offer a different range of dives for different levels. Or you can just snorkel along the coast, you won't be disappointed.

  • Visit the Underwater Observatory Marine Park: It has a glass-enclosed observation center submerged offshore for close up views with the marine life around you.

  • Go on a jeep safari and discover the mountain ranges, lookout points, border spots and ancient paths accessible only with a 4by4 vehicle.

  • If you like shopping visit the Ice Mall: This mall has a huge ice skating rink right in the middle, a great way to cool off too.

Where to eat & Have fun:

Have a meal on the beach in one of the beach restaurants, so relaxing and yummy!

Have dinner & drinks at the 5th Avenue restaurant. On the menu, you'll find five different types of international cuisine: Italian, American, Mexican, Oriental and Asian. Later in the evening, the music takes over creating great party vibes.

Two superb options for the fish and seafood lovers:

HaMiflat HaAcharon: This famous restaurant of 30 years in located on Almog beach. A beautiful fish menu as well as oysters, mussels, and Coquilles St. Jacques.

Les Sardins is a fish restaurant located in the marina, a true culinary experience! And at affordable prices. A variety of fish and seafood dishes, meat, and appetizers – All made from fresh ingredients on a daily bases.

Moses is for hamburgers!

Mika is for delicious sushi on the beach, enjoying the Red Sea breeze and relaxing views.

Spend an evening in the Three Monkeys bar and enjoy live music and great very cool vibes. It's located on the gorgeous promenade under the Royal Beach Hotel.

Last but not least, have a wonderful time!

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