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Hot Spot Alert! Gorgeous Bar-Restaurants You'll Want To Visit In Amsterdam- Part 2!

Hot Spot Alert! Gorgeous Bar-Restaurants You'll Want To Visit In Amsterdam- Part 2!

Life is never boring in Amsterdam! This is a city where stylish bars and restaurants open on a weekly basis, offering diverse culinary experiences in gorgeously designed spaces with buzzing vibes.

So where should you go to next you ask?

This blog is the second in a series of three showing you the newest trendy additions in Amsterdam you'll want to have on your radar.

Moving on to Fenicie ~ Lebanese cuisine!!

And the writing is on the wall!

Eat what makes you happy!

Well ok then, Mediterranean food makes me happy!

🚩🚩 Hot Spot Alert 🚩🚩

Fenicie has opened the second location in Leidseplein Amsterdam and may I say YEEE!

Fenicie serves Lebanese food following traditional recipes, and the food is absolutely delish! Cocktails are too btw 😁🍸

Elegantly designed, with attention to detail throughout the restaurant, all the way to the stylish rustic bathrooms.

Good vibes, and very friendly service. Lunch, dinner or just afternoon drinks, this is a place you want to try out!

The Lebanese are famed for their Mazza, it is common for the entire table to be filled with different small plates of Mazza. These Mazza vary from meat, fish, vegetarian to vegan dishes. This ensures that every guest at the table experiences the togetherness while enjoying the food he or she likes. I love the thought behind this tradition! It's about bringing everyone together through food.

It’s always Hummus time :-)

It’s always Hummus time :-)

We stopped by twice already; once for lunch and once for dinner.

During our lunch we ordered the Hummus which they serve with most delicious Lebanese bread, the Fatoush salad, Lebanese tosti, and falafel. We thoroughly enjoyed every dish!

For dinner you can choose from a shared dining menu serving platers on a basis of two people, you can choose from fish, meat, vegetarian, or a mixed menu of the above, and including dessert. The concept is not just about shared dining qua food, it's also about offering a different type of dining experience altogether so expect dinner to last longer than in other restaurants.

We also sampled the cocktail menu which was intriguing showcasing different and unique signature cocktails you won’t find anywhere else in the city.

These two were delish! Rosey Blossom & Pomegranate Splash

The dinner shared menu was indeed a feast!

We chose a combination of vegetarian and meat dishes as I'm a vegetarian while my boys do enjoy their meat. You get cold as well as warm mazze served with pita bread. Good size portions and absolutely tasty! I'm no stranger to this cuisine as I'm from Israel and many of these dishes are also found in the Israeli kitchen having said that, the flavors and textures are somehow different.

The seasoning is different for example, they add pomegranate to many dishes which adds a unique touch of sweetness which is just right, it really works beautifully.

From a different angle

From a different angle

This restaurant is definitely not just about the great food, it truly is a culinary experience.

Let’s not forget dessert!

Let’s not forget dessert!

For more details:

Have a yummy visit!

Have you been here already? Do share your thoughts in the comments, and remember, sharing is caring!

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