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How To Keep On Traveling In 2019 Without Breaking The Bank!

How To Keep On Traveling In 2019 Without Breaking The Bank!

You will be surprised at how many hacks you can find when you know where to look that can help keep your travel costs down and possibly allow you to travel even more.

We all know about the usual tricks such staying at an AirBnb apartment, Couchsurfing, looking for cheaper hotel options slightly away from the city center and EasyJet right?..Only these don’t fit everyone, take me for example, I would never stay at a AirBnb and I definitely won’t be Couchsurfing any time soon. There are things you can do so you can travel without having to compromise your comfort or style ;-)

Easy tricks that will save you money!

  1. Plan and book your flights well in advance so that you have a fighting chance at actually getting your hands on the cheaper sits available on almost every flight and are the first to go.

  2. Flying out of the major big cities is more expensive- Fact. It is worthwhile checking flights out of smaller less central airports. Sometimes it’s worth driving an extra 45 minutes for! An alternative for Schipol Amsterdam would be Eindhoven for example.

  3. This is extremely annoying and quite scandals if you ask me but true nonetheless..Clear your cache, search and book your flights and hotels only via private browsing. Airlines and related sites track your behavior via cookies, should you return your search history and more importantly, your repeat interest will cause your price this time around to be slightly higher. Another way around this is using a Virtual Private Network which costs a small fee per month. This can help you make it look like you are in another country, for example, a third world country, helping you save a substantial amount on flights.

  4. Use search engines to help you find the best deals out there such as Skyscanner, Kayak, and for hotels and apartments. I recommend that before you book always check if you can get a better rate when booking directly from the airline or hotel site. It happened to me often that in spite them saying cheapest price guaranteed, that is not always the case.

  5. Sites to follow religiously:

  6. When booking your flights, check low-cost airlines and book each leg of your trip separately. Booking direct flights or combi flights in one go is tempting but can cost a pretty penny. Sometimes you’ll find especially when traveling to far away destinations that booking each part of your journey separately might take a bit longer but will be a huge difference to your bank account. I would do it this way of course within reason- Don’t choose two or three days travel instead of one when you have limited travel time, or having more than one or a very long layover BUT- If you have time on your hands take a longer layover of 48 hours so you can explore another country on your way.

  7. The word offseason scares people but it really shouldn’t. All it means is that the season is officially ended as far as airlines go mostly because it’s ‘Back to school’ time so families bound by school vacations are back home, or the season is about to change. Of course it didn’t already. You should aim for this time frame when possible. I traveled to Ibiza in mid- September which is considered offseason, however the weather stays nice & warm much longer than Aug 31st, same goes for Greece :) :)

  8. Follow the airlines you prefer to stay on top of what they offer. There’s always a sale somewhere :-)

  9. Local carriers are a cheaper option, especially in Asia.

  10. Depending on your destination, some are a perfect match for an all inclusive deal. For example Aruba. When we booked our holiday there we took the all-inclusive, other families staying at our resort took breakfast only and they regretted that big time! Aruba is very expensive so it cost them way more that way. Spain is cheap so taking an all-inclusive there is less attractive.

  11. Check out if the city you’re visiting offers a tourist card, and what tourist benefits you can enjoy. Most cities offer special offers for museums and public transportation.

  12. Food & drink: We all know how tricky this budget is while on the road..There are a few things you can do in this case: When traveling low cost don’t buy your food or drinks on board (avoiding airport in general is good advice!), bring your own packed food and snacks. Before leaving your hotel for the day have a BIG breakfast! When you’re looking for a spot for lunch or dinner avoid tourist attractions! Look further away, ask your hotel or at the tourist information where do the locals hang. It will be more fun and priced better for sure! Shop at the local supermarket and have a picnic, it’s fun and relaxing and helps stretch your budget. Always have a bottle of water with you can refill!

Have tips of your own? Do tell!



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