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How To Have A Magical Time On Aruba!

How To Have A Magical Time On Aruba!

Aruba aka The Happy Island is truly a picture perfect tropical paradise!

This small and very chic island is considered to have the most stunning white beaches in all of the Carribean! Crystal clear turquoise waters combined with some of mother nature’s beautiful creations in the background.

It's important to know this island is more expensive however, it is spectacular! It offers great value for your money not to mention a very exciting stay!

Tip: One way to balance out your costs especially if it’s a family vacation is to stay in an all-inclusive resort. The difference will blow you away as food and drinks are very expensive on Aruba.

Aruba is located in the southern Caribbean Sea just off the coast of Venezuela. It declared its independence from the Netherlands Antilles in 1986 though Dutch influence remains to this day. Aruba is multilingual, people here speak English, Dutch, Spanish & Papiamento which is the local language.

The climate here is sunny year round! There’s only a 4-degree difference between summer and winter temps, how cool is that! Wish we had the same in Europe…Adding to the island's attraction is its position outside the hurricane corridor. You can enjoy 28 degrees on average throughout the year.

When to visit:

Jan & Feb is Carnival month, Aruba's biggest celebration – Music, parades, and parties so a very festive affair indeed!

Sep-Dec The island does experience an increase in rain. Typically it’s tropical heavy showers for short periods of times.

Dec-Apr is the high season when prices are significantly higher and the resorts full.

Where to stay:

Palm Beach is the most popular area to stay at! Here you’ll find the big hotel names and the bigger resorts.

Eagle Beach is next in line.

Monserat is behind the big beachfront resorts, still luxurious but on the quiet side.

As I mentioned above, an all-inclusive stay is a good way to go when on Aruba. Other options available are apartments, private villas and boutique hotels.

We stayed at the Occidental Grand Aruba on Palm Beach. This resort was beautiful with top open views, great facilities, top-notch service, and great food.

Palm beach

Palm beach

Other options I recommend:

  1. Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino, a Marriott luxury hotel: This is a 40-acre resort on a private island offering a full-service spa, casino, and has a great selection of fine restaurants.

  2. Barceló Aruba is an all Inclusive resort also on Palm Beach.

Things to do on Aruba:

First off, ENJOY the beautiful beaches! And these are considered the most beautiful:

  • Palm beach.

  • Arashi fisherman’s hut, a perfect match for those who windsurf.

  • Manchebo is the biggest beach on the island.

  • Rodgers beach, located close to Baby Beach on the island's eastern part. Swimming here is excellent!

  • Visit Flamingo beach.

Stop by the Bon Bini Festival; a weekly event featuring dancers and drummers to welcome tourists to the island.

The Conchi natural pool is a pool in the Arikok National Park only accessible by 4x4 vehicles, by horseback or by foot. It is magnificent! Well worth the effort.

Visit the Guadiriki Caves in the Arikok National Park. The biggest attraction here is going through a 100-foot tunnel to visit an active bat cave.

Take a jeep trip and go off-roading to explore the island.

Go snorkeling in Baby beach! This was the most beautiful beach on the island in my view ;-)

Climb to the top of Hooiberg, a volcanic formation located outside of the city.

Have a special intimate candlelight dinner right on the beach.

Take a cruise or better yet try out a submarine!

Check out this link for special offers and rates:

Visit Oranjestad ~ TIP: Have dinner at the Barefoot restaurant which is right on the beach. The sunsets here are gorgeous!

The Barefoot restaurant

The Barefoot restaurant

Visit the Andicuri Bay with an off-road UTV to see the most beautiful spots of the island such as Bushiribana, Wariruri, and the California lighthouse.

Spend the day on a private island called Palm Island: There is a wide selection of activities to choose from in addition to suntanning on this gorgeous beach. Think about ziplining, helmet walking on the oceans floor snorkeling and even salsa dancing.

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