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Your Ultimate Guide To Discovering Florence! Plus Suggested Itinerary

Your Ultimate Guide To Discovering Florence! Plus Suggested Itinerary

I love Italy! Its a country you can travel through for months on end and always find new places worth discovering. The people, the landscape, the rich history, the climate and let’s not forget the food…I recently spent a week in Florence, this city and its vibes really touched me! Perhaps it was something in the air, I felt like I was home from the very first moment I arrived. If its history you like, architecture, fashion, exploring a new city, food, and people, there’s something here for everyone!

So first thing’s first, accommodation! We stayed at The Grand Hotel Cavour recommended to me by a local. It ticked all the boxes! We were upgraded to a junior suite for our final night, it was so much fun staying is such a beautiful room / small apartments lol

The Grand Hotel Cavour is a beautiful hotel with luxurious comfortable rooms, incredible views from the rooftop bar, yummy breakfast but most importantly, the service is phenomenal and the location is perfect! Its around the corner from the Duomo, right in the heart of the city so within easy walking distance from everything Florence has to offer. You don’t need taxis, bikes or to use the Hop on Hop off bus as it will be a total waste of time. Everything is close by, by walking you get to really experience the city’s vibes and atmosphere. You will also discover more Piazzas, churches and lovely little streets in the process.

For more details:

There’s so much to see here so aim to spend at least 4 days, if you have extra time there are day trips you could take from Florence which are wonderful. Check out visiting Pisa, Siena, and Bologna.

Daily itinerary suggestions to explore this magnificent city to the max:

Before we start:

** Keep in mind, there are many museums here, I recommend you make your selection beforehand and then plan your day. Many of the museums are big and offer so much information to take in, I would aim for two, max three a day.

** Depending on the season in which you’re traveling, it would be wise to look into buying your tickets online beforehand. You can also find very good combi tickets to a variety of places which are cheaper.

Day one:

Start at the Duomo, where else right? It is just breathtaking! Here you have two options, you can go in and admire Brunelleschi from the inside, in addition, you can now also climb to the Cathedral rooftop! Bear in mind, it’s 480 steps each way..I decided to pass but if you’re up for the challenge I’m pretty sure the views will be to die for! Wander around the square where you’ll find street artists and lovely stores! It’s amazing how everything is super stylish here, from simple smoothie pop-up store to ice cream parlors to high-end designer stores. Italians do it all in style! Right behind the main square, you’ll find the Rodeo Drive of Florence. One thing that is very unique to Florence is that all the designer stores staff were not at all pompous as in other cities, they were very inviting aiming to offer an experience rather than a judgment of whether one can or can't afford the goods. So friendly, encouraging visitors to just try on items for size and enjoy this fab moment.

We took a lunch in my absolute favorite spot this trip..The Gucci museum & restaurant. And what a wonderful experience that was!

Beautifully designed, the Osteria da Massimo Bottura is part of the Gucci Garden. This name was chosen as Gucci is like a garden, always growing, ever-changing, colorful & beautiful year round, and yet it remains true to its origin. Isn’t that amazing? Such a small detail is often overlooked however it really reflects I think on the brand’s vision and values. The store holds one of a kind limited edition items mostly and oh so colorful, I was blown away! You have a two-floor museum which was very enlightening, showcasing the Gucci journey. The food was delicious, especially the desserts :-)

Stylish from A to Z

Stylish from A to Z

Right next to the Gucci Garden you will find the city’s open-air museum, beautiful! In this square called Piazza Signoria, you will also find delicious terraces for lunch or dinner overlooking the sculptures.

From here walk over to Palazzo Vecchio and walk into the Uffizi Gallery. This place is huge and absolutely breathtaking! You can enjoy unique Renaissance masterpieces by Michelangelo, Botticelli, Raphael, and many others.

Afternoons are perfecting for chilling out time…for rooftop drinks & dinner I recommend The West Excelsior Hotel, SeSto. It is divine! A glass-enclosed restaurant on the 6th floor with a 360-degree views of the city, top service, and delicious food.

For more details:

Day two:

Start the day at Santa Maria Novella Square, visit the San Lorenzo market and don’t forget to taste :-) Visit the San Lorenzo church right behind it before moving on to the Medice Chapel. This church was the official church of the Medici family from their period as private residents in their palace, becoming their mausoleum which houses most of the family. The ceilings are spectacular!

From here continue to the Accademia Gallery where you will find the original and super famous version of David by Michelangelo & more, this museum is devoted to the preservation of the symbols of Florence.

There are many spots where you can enjoy lunch, aim to sit off the main squares and rather walk a couple of streets further away, that’s where the locals eat and that’s where the best food is, not to mention better value for money.

Spend an evening in the lovely Mercato Centrale, an indoor food market. Many different types of restaurants, unique dishes, and bars for you to enjoy in lively and fun atmosphere.

For more details:

Day three:

Wander the lovely streets towards the water and the famous and eldest bridge of Florence, Ponte Vecchio, the Medici family used this bridge to move between Palazzo Pitti and Palazzo Vecchio, safe from the risk of assassination. These days the bridge is occupied by jewelry stores.

Continue across the river to Palazzo Pitti and the royal gardens. Its spectacular! Visit the Church of Santo Spirito which is not far off.

Ponte Vecchio bridge

Ponte Vecchio bridge

Have dinner at FAC by chef Simone Cipriani. The restaurant serves traditional Italian cuisine in an unconventional way. The vibes are international, fast and casual. The menu is divided into three concepts: Street food, revolutionized traditions, and bowls.

Florence will leave you wanting MORE! Ill be back for sure, how about you?

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions or help you might need planning your trip:

Let’s hang out on Twitter & IG: @mytrendytrail



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