5 Poke Bowls In Amsterdam You’re Going To Love!

Say HI to the Poke bowls!

If you haven’t noticed, the poke bowls have become super popular in recent years and for very good reason ~ It’s healthy, delish, colorful and it offers many flavor combinations you’ll love!

Pronounced “Poh-keh” and not poki, this is a native Hawaiian dish which means "to slice" or "cut crosswise into pieces. Basically: It’s sticky rice topped with marinated raw fish, avocado, sea salt, sesame seeds and seaweed.

Originally the predominant poke fish was ahi tuna however, these days salmon seems to be the most popular. These days it’s also served with different veggies and fruit considered inauthentic by Hawaiians such as pineapple and cucumber. Sauces and extra toppings such as fish eggs are also available.

I love poke bowls! Luckily Amsterdam has many yummy places for you to check out!

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My TOP 5 recommendations

  1. Poke Perfect: Voted as the Best Poké bowl in Amsterdam, these guys were the first to introduce the poke bowl to Amsterdam and already have three locations around the city. Read more about this brother & sister and their vision: https://pokeperfect.nl/our-story/ 

  2. Sushito: Sushi burritos & Poke bowls. Fresh, delicious with generous portions. They too have three locations throughout the city. Read more about them: https://www.sushito.nl

  3. Temakery: Offering authentic street food and healthy snacks such as sushi wraps and poke bowls. Innovative, surprising and delicious. Read more here: http://www.temakery.nl

  4. Pluk: Located in the 9 streets of Amsterdam, it’s all about a fresh and healthy menu which includes of course the poke bowl. Read more here: http://www.pluk-amsterdam.com/nl/boutique/pluk-menu/

  5. Cafe in the city: Funky and stylishly designed, it’s located in the heart of the city. The poke bowl is available for lunch only, yummy nonetheless! Read more here: http://www.cafeinthecity.nl/

Poke Perfect

Poke Perfect





Enjoy! And please don’t hesitate to drop me a line if you have any questions for me :-) Email me: fromadifferentangle@gmail.com

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