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I’m Diti, an Israeli living in Amsterdam, I suffer from constant wanderlust, that means I'm out and about and on the road much of the time, seeking new travel destinations and adventures to blog about.

My Trendy Trail is all about Travel, Adventure & Lifestyle ~

Travel guides. Inspirational destinations. Tips. Hacks. Hotspot list. Travel goods!

This blog is about inspiring you to travel and explore new places as well as help and guide you in the process.

So what can you find here? Travel facts, secrets and ideas that will surprise you! Travel guides and related articles, unique destinations you need to know about, tips, free ways & hacks to travel more for less, best hotspots to explore in Tel Aviv- Amsterdam and everywhere in between, city recommendations and SO MUCH more!

Exploring this world is what I love to do! I do get restless without vacations, roadtrips, and even staycations.This is my kind of soul food :-) I’m a city gal at heart who loves being out and about. I love the glitz and glam cities have to offer, there’s always something happening to brighten up your day or night. I’m also game for fun activities and adventures outside my favourite urban jungles.

Traveling has always been my biggest passion! I have had the travel bug all my life, my travels started at the age of just a year and a half old. I have since lived in eight different countries on three continents, I moved to Amsterdam from Tel Aviv in the summer of 2003, I have been in between ever since.

I've always been the 'Go To' person amongst my friends & family when it came advising on unique travel destinations, travel tips, the best restaurants, and nightlife hotspots. That's how the idea for the 'My Trendy Trail’ blog started forming, and now it has taken on a life of its own!

You’re invited to contact me via email with any questions or collab ideas you might have: fromadifferentangle@gmail.com

You can also leave your thoughts and ideas in a comment.

Come and hang out with me me on IG & Twitter: @mytrendytrail

I work hard but play harder, so keep calm and follow me!