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A 48 Hour Itinerary In Amsterdam You’re Going To Love!

A 48 Hour Itinerary In Amsterdam You’re Going To Love!

Amsterdam; the multi-culty capital of The Netherlands and my home away from home for the past 15 years is probably the most trendy city to visit these days. It's colorful, it's charming, and it has a big city appeal while being on the small side. It's also a culinary heaven, offering a relaxing and friendly atmosphere. Amsterdam is famous for its 165 canals, 1,200 bridges, beautiful cobblestone streets, palaces, old stunning architecture, as well as coffee shops and the red light district. It's one big exciting package to explore!

48 hours to spend in Amsterdam isn’t very long as this city has so much to offer on all fronts: Museums, art, music, history, food, fashion, and sightseeing, this short but sweet stay will leave you wanting more!

Before we start:

Best time to visit the Netherlands: The best time to visit is from May through to September. The weather here changes quite rapidly, some days you can have two seasons within a few hours, from May to September is a safer bet so to speak weather wise. April and October, for example, can be fabulous too however, it can also be rainy and gray, there's no way to really know in advance.

How to get around: Amsterdam is easy to explore, its small and very accessible. A great way to explore is by biking your way around. A word to the wise: Please be careful! The locals ride their bikes like no one else you have ever encountered! They have I’m sorry to say zero tolerance for tourists on bikes, and a red light doesn't always mean they will stop lol. If the fast lane is what you enjoy then go for it otherwise, public transportation is very good and of course, wandering the streets on foot is always a great choice, a way to get the feel of the place and find hidden gems.

Tip: Are you renting a bike? Make sure you lock your bike whenever you park them even for a short time, trust me!

Best areas to stay at while in town: There are many MANY options as far as accommodations go. There is something for every budget and style. is my go-to site as far as hotels go.

For options click:

Great neighborhoods to stay at are Museumplein, Utrechesstraat, around Waterlooplein, and de Pijp. They are quite central, everything is within easy access to you, and they offer a nice buzz & atmosphere. Some prefer the area of Central station & the red light district, these areas are very busy and noisy, and after dark, the second might not be everyone's cup of tea.

Tips to consider when planning your trip:

  • Amsterdam has many wonderful museums, the majority are big and time-consuming so if you only have two days you’ll have to pick well! I would recommend these three as a MUST: The Anne Frank House. Moco: Showing expos by Banksy, Warhol and Dali and one master, the Van Gogh museum. For the full museum list in Amsterdam:

  • For discountes and special offers book your tickets here:

  • Most restaurants, especially during weekends, require a reservation. Walk-ins are not always possible as weekends tend to be very busy. Some restaurants will be closed on Mondays!

So where should you start? What can you absolutely not miss? Let’s GO!

Day 1:

Start your day off with a walk in the Vondel park; our (mini) version of Central Park. A green lung in the heart of the city; trees, grass, water and ducks, all come with a very calming effect. During spring and summer, the park is buzzing! It’s where the locals' jog, hang out with their friends, relax on the grass and water’s edge, sunbath and have picnics.

You can have an enjoyable breakfast or a coffee break in the park at the Vondelpark3 restaurant which offers views of the park from a huge and gorgeous terrace.

For more details:

Another option is to stop by ‘Joe & the juice’ for a yummy smoothie and a sandwich.

For more details:

Next stop is The museum quarter. Please don’t be disappointed but the very famous sign of ‘I AMSTERDAM’ has been taken away recently to another part of the city. Rumer has it that it will be brought back though this summer.

In this area you will find the majority of the museums, it’s time to take your pick. The biggest and possibly the most popular is the Rijks museum, you will need at least five to six hours if not a whole day to explore as it is HUGE! For more details:

Both The Stedelijk & Van Gogh museum will take you about two hours to explore.

For more details:

Moco is a boutique museum with a wide range of modern and contemporary art, it takes about an hour to complete a tour around.

For more details:

TIP: Arrange your tickets to the museums of your choice in advance! If not, you’ll find yourself standing in line for what will seem eternity...

Book your tickets here:

Time for lunch! In general, aim to avoid restaurants & cafes inside the museums or busy touristic squares as you’ll end up paying more for the same. As far as food and drinks go, the options are endless! Amsterdam is one culinary party!

Enjoy a delicious lunch in the area:

From here continue to the famous P.C Hoofdstraat; this is our version of Rodeo Drive so if you have exclusive shopping on your mind, this is the place. Continue walking toward Leidse square & Leidsestraat which will take you into the center of the city.

Walk through the flower market and turn right towards Rembrandts square. Here you will find the re-enacting of the famous painting ‘The Night Watch’ made to mark the 400th birthday anniversary of Rembrandt. On sunny days, the terraces are packed with people enjoying the sunshine and a drink.

My favorites are van Rijn, the Gaia and if it's a bit wet and gray outside, de Baijes is very cozy too.

Continue straight ahead and cross over the Blue bridge. This bridge has the most beautiful views of them all! You can see the skinny bridge and the Amstel river on the one side and typical Dutch architecture on the other- It's magical!

There are many markets in Amsterdam, my personal favorite and most authentic in my view is Waterloo square market, about 5 minutes’ walk from the bridge, behind City Hall. There are many treasures to be found here. You can also walk around in the Plantage neighborhood and what was the Jewish quarter before the horrors of world war two hit.

After chilling for a bit I’m sure wandering around the city has given you a serious appetite for food as well as a cold beer or a beautiful cocktail.

Enjoy dinner in one of these hotspots:

And if you feel like putting on your dancing shoe, check out JimmyWoo; An exclusive 2-story nightclub with an Asian-themed bar.

Cool bars to enjoy drinks at:

  • The top floor of the W hotel

  • The Sky Lounge at the Hilton Hotel

  • The Pulitzer bar

  • The legendary Door 74

  • Hiding in Plain Sight

    Read more about the best bars in Amsterdam in my post: Best Cocktails Bars In Amsterdam

Day Two:

Let’s start today in the 9 streets. This neighborhood is pretty, it’s filled with vintage and unique designer shops, specialty stores and cozy cafés to enjoy. I recommend breakfast or a coffee & treat break at:

From here you can continue to Anne Frank’s House if you've planned a visit here. Don’t forget to arrange your tickets well in advance! The house is very narrow so the amount of people allowed in at any given time is limited, not to mentions the lines for tickets are crazy!

Book your ticket here:

Stroll through the nearby Jordaan; picturesque and colorful streets along the canals, offering artsy vibes and modern art galleries to peek through. What started originally as a working-class / emigrants area has become one of the most expensive and upscale neighborhoods in the country.

Enjoy lunch in one of these hotspots:

Another option to consider is having High Tea at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, very luxurious indeed!

Afternoons are perfect for taking a cruise, granted it is a very touristy thing to do, Amsterdam from the water is so different from what you see on land…It takes about 45 minutes and I highly recommend it!

You can walk to the iconic Dam square and the Royal Palace, walk 5 minutes further towards the central station and you'll find many cruise stations.

Take the ferry from behind central station (it’s free) to the other side of the water called Amsterdam Noord. Go up the ADAM Tower: Spectacular views, restaurants, and one major attraction await you~ The swing on the edge of the 22 floors, 100 meters up! Not for the faint-hearted, after all, it’s the highest swing in Europe!

Dinner options on this side of the water:

If you choose to return to the city to spend the evening in town, spend it in the De Pijp neighborhood, a very popular and trendy area of the city.

There are many hotspots this side of town, here a few favorites frequented by locals:

Read more about the best restaurants & bars to visit in Amsterdam on my Home page!

And so, all good things must come to an end, I hope this made your stay in Amsterdam a great one!

The view from the Blue Bridge

The view from the Blue Bridge

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me! You can email me at:

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