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Top 10 Steps To Take Before Boarding Your Flight!

Top 10 Steps To Take Before Boarding Your Flight!

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I think we can all agree it's fun and very exciting to plan a trip, especially when it’s to a faraway destination which has been on your bucket list for a good while.

Here is the deal though, there are two important components that are key to ensuring your trip is everything you want it to be, and those get overlooked very often.

This is a list to make sure your preparations are complete:

  1. When you sit down to plan your trip give serious thoughts to INSURANCE! Boring as it is, taking out the right travel insurance is important! Some take out insurance per trip, however, many of us have home insurance packages, and those cover traveling as well. The problem here is that it doesn't always give you enough coverage and we tend not to check periodically to make sure it’s updated. Following Ethiad losing my luggage recently, I checked my coverage and found I too had to make some adjustments. A definite wake up call.

    TIP: Something many of us are either not aware of or overlook is taking out insurance in the event of an airline going bust which happens more than we realize, and being covered in the event of buying tickets for excursions or domestic flights for example in other countries only to find out when you get there the tickets are fake or that agency no longer exists. Even when we think we have taken all the precautions, at times it is out of our hands and we need to be prepared. Also, think about theft andcoverage in case of natural disasters.

  2. Step two- Health insurance: Make sure it covers you in any emergency scenario you can think of. For example: Illness, you in need of specific medication and we all know how expensive these can be. What if you need hospitalization? An operation? And what if you need to be flown home...I know these are not thoughts we want to entertain nevertheless, things happen and we want to be smart about what solutions we have in place to make it safer and easier on ourselves and our families.

Before heading out to the airport:

Whether its a short or long distance flight you’re taking, I think we can agree it’s exhausting! Airport security, long lines everywhere, the waiting/delays, and commuting to and from the airport.

What can you do to make the best of it and be as comfortable as possible in the process:

  1. I always freeze on airplanes! When I chat to people sitting next to me it seems to be the case with most people. I always make sure I have a thick sweater and a scarf with me, especially if it's a long/night flight. Somehow they always seem to run out of blankets when I ask for one.

  2. To get through a long distance/night flight make sure you have a neck pillow with you. Also to avoid those embarrassing moments of us leaning on our “neighbors” when falling asleep.

  3. When packing your carry-on think about where you're heading to, and pack accordingly!

  4. This item is so basic & it's also a must-have ~ Facial wipes! There's nothing like freshening up with one just before landing or after a night's sleep in a chair. I also always have hand cream and a moisturizer within reach.

  5. I always have a bottle of water with me for several reasons. The air is very dry on planes so this is a way to help keep your skin from drying out. It's better drinking water than other drinks offered on board, most will just make you more thirsty. It also helps when my ears start popping.

  6. Have your own snack bag! I never leave home without them lol Especially since I'm a vegetarian, I have yet to find an airline that actually has something I can enjoy eating on board. And it will also make a difference in your wallet.

  7. Reading material: Pack light reading such as magazines as well as what I call more heavy duty reading. I still prefer reading actual books, if it's an E-reader you're using, make sure its charged and uploaded with a selection of books.

  8. Earphones and your own music to match. No flight is complete without that!

Do you have tips of your own? Do share with us!

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